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Hello, all~!

Hey, there! ^.^ My name's Shiva, and I LOVE Fatal Frame (Especially the 2nd one XD). Anyways, my favorite charaters are Kirie, Miyako/Masumi, Chitose, and Itsuki. I come bearing a Sae-based drabble (and for the record I do take challenges and requests). Cut because I don't really know what to rate it. =P Enjoy!

Author: Girl who banged into wall XD
Rating: ?__?
Characters: Sae/Yae
Category: Sisters
Genre: Drama
Title: WHy DiD YOu lEAve mE?
Word Count: 110
Comments: I just felt like using the weird capitalization... and yes I know it's confusing. ^.^

iT aLL BeGAn wHEN ItSuKI cONvinCeD uS tO LEavE tHe VIlLagE. YOu PROMISED we'D aLwAYs bE TOgeTHeR.
WhY, WHy, whY, WHY...
YoU PRomiSEd!
yOU pROmISEd YOu WOUlDn't lEaVE mE! YoU LEfT ME To dIE! YoU aRE mY sISteR, mY TruE sOUl, sO WhY...?
mY SiSTeR! YoU LeFT mE alL aLoNE... i lIVEd wAITinG fOR uS tO BEcoME oNE... aND I diED waITinG foR yOu To cOME baCk.
HOw cOUlD YoU???
YOu, yOU, YoU, YOU...
I'lL wAIt... FoREveR I'lL waIt FOr yOu.
PlEAse... doN't LeAVe mE aGAIn... Let'S bE ONe, fORevEr...
i KNow ThAt YOu'Ll cOmE bACk FoR mE.
wE aLWayS pRoMIseD eaCHotheR...
TogEtHer alWayS...
i'Ll WaIT hErE...
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Deleted comment

Yeah, I know; it was insanely hard to WRITE... I was just about to gouge out my eyes with a dull spoon when I finished.
I also wanted to show Sae's insanity-- at one point in Fatal Frame II, there's a note typed in that style.
Anyways, thank you very much! -^.^-