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Video game drabbles!

video game drabbles
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Welcome to vgdrabble! The video game drabble community was inspired by the ff_drabble community, and is a place to post drabbles related to video games that are not in Squaresoft's Final Fantasy series.

What are drabbles, you ask? A drabble is defined as a literary work of approximately 100 words, but anything under 500 is acceptable. :) There are a few simple rules to keep in mind when posting:

1. If the piece is over 200 words, please hide it beneath an lj-cut tag. (Don't know how? Click here.)

2. Anything rated above PG-13 (NC-17, R) should be behind an LJ-cut, regardless of size.. just to make sure no virgin eyes are corrupted. ;)

3. Do not be rude in reviewing/commenting on others' works, or you'll be removed. Constructive criticism is nice, rudeness is not.

4. Have a good time!