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Two Suikoden drabbles

Just some things that I write when I'm bored.

Suikoden 2:
Rating: PG-13?


“Something funny’s going on here!” Jowy gasped.

“I’ll say it is. Take your hand out of my pants,” I snapped back and slapped the boy’s hand away.

“But why would Prince Luca massacre the Unicorn Brigade?!” Jowy continued as he held his injured hand.

“Probably because we have such a gay name.” I gazed down the waterfall we stood at the top of. It was a long way down.

Taking a deep breath and attempting to touch me again, Jowy turned to me and asked, “What say we jump for it?”

“Sure. You first,” I replied and shoved him off.

Suikoden 3: (spoilers for the Masked Bishop)
Rating: G

Luc dug about in his Bad Batz Maru coin purse.

"Oh no. Oh no oh no...."

"What's the matter, Master Luc?" inquired Albert Silverberg to the shorter bishop.

"Albert, we don't have enough potch for four Harmonia burgers!" Luc whispered back frantically. He turned ever so carefully to peer at Sarah and Yuber, who were sitting boredly at a booth, waiting for their Happy Meals. It'd been a week since any of them had had real food.

The eyes of the girl at the cashiere bore into Luc's skull, and Albert turned a pale shade of blue. "Master Luc, I WILL not wash dishes to pay for a Harmonia burger! They use Grade F beef!"

"That'll be 500 potch," said the girl, her eyes glued on the coin purse.

"Ahem, yes of course," replied Luc, slipping on his Bishop mask. Then, with a startled gasp, he cried out. "Oh my GOD, it's a UFO!"

"What?!" and as the bemused cashiere turned to look over her shoulder, Luc grabbed the bag with the burgers, did a quick 180, and hightailed it out of Harmonia Burger with Albert, Sarah, and Yuber in quick persuit.

"That was so evil, it was cool," Yuber nodded as he chased after their leader.

"I could have come up with a cooler escape plan," muttered Albert.

"Master Luc, can I have my Happy Meal now? I want my free toy..." added Sarah.

Luc silently cried behind his mask. I am NOT evil, he told himself. I'm doing what's right for the world. But still we need to eat.

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