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fatal frame drabble

title: home
wordcount: about 198
notes: connecting the first game to its prequel.
spoilers: maybe.
rating: pg

the falling cherry blossoms interrupting the sunlight turned the atrium into a dream-like world. ryozo was out, looking for more clues as to the himuro family rituals, no doubt. or maybe... he was looking for mikoto?

no matter the reason, he was gone and yae was thankful. she couldn't do it while he was there; the shame would've been too much and he'd follow her around if she was stopped. it was better this way, and she wouldn't have to see or hear the former members of the damned himuro family anymore.

with that last thought, she kicked the bench - and camera - out from beneath her feet. she let out a strangled cry and blinked.

she was standing at the entrance to her long-forgotten childhood home. the tranquility seemed unnatural, yet... right. it was while she was looking over the village that yae discovered she was a child again. she raised her head and saw her twin looking back at her expectantly, lips curved into a small, innocent smile.

"i-i'm home..."
"welcome home."

not my best, obviously, but... nyeh. i felt like posting it.
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